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The only official versions of these documents are printed or hard copy materials. If there are any discrepancies between the electronic version and the hard copy original, the hard copy prevails. (In compliance with 5 U.S.C. § 552 (a)(2)(D))

All reports contained in the FOIA reading room are marked as redacted.

DODIG-2016-026: (U) Combat Mission Teams and Cyber Protection Teams Lacked Adequate Capabilities and Facilities to Perform Missions (Redacted), November 24, 2015 Audit
Report No. 90-052: Stock Management at the National Security Agency (Redacted), March 30, 1990 Audit
Guatemala Review: Report to the Secretary of Defense on DoD Activities in Guatemala (U), December 6, 1995 Intelligence and Special Program Assessments
DODIG-2016-059: U.S. Air Force Spent Billions on F117 Engine Sustainment Without Knowing What a Fair Price Was (Redacted), March 11, 2016 Audit
D-2003-015: A Revised Acquisition Program Baseline and Threat Assessment for the Chemical Demilitarization Program (Redacted), October 30, 2003 Audit
DODIG-2015-156: (U) Drawdown of Equipment in Afghanistan: Summary of Weaknesses Identified in Reports Issued from August 19, 2011, Through May 18, 2015 (Redacted), May 5, 2015 Audit
DODIG-2015-064: Assessment of Intelligence Support to In-Transit Force Protection (Redacted), January 2, 2015 Intelligence and Special Program Assessments
DODIG-2016-024: (U) U.S. Africa Command Needs to Improve Planning and Coordination for the Protection and Evacuation of U.S. Embassies and U.S. Citizens (Redacted), November 23, 2015 Audit
Whistleblower Reprisal Investigation: Case 20150309-030277-01 (Redacted), August 17, 2015 Whistleblower Reprisal Investigations
11-INTEL-03: Assessment of the Defense Intelligence Operations Coordination Center (DIOCC) (U) (Redacted), December 6, 2010 Intelligence and Special Program Assessments
DODIG-2016-111: (U) DoD Effectively Planned and Executed Military Information Support Operations for Operation Inherent Resolve but Needs to Develop Formal Processes and Procedures for Web-Based Operations (Redacted), July 20, 2016 Audit
DODIG-2014-096: Improvements Needed in Contract Administration of Mi-17 Cockpit Modification Task Order (Redacted), July 28, 2014 Audit
D-2006-030: Report on Diagnostic Testing at the Defense Information Systems Agency, Center for Computing Services (Redacted), November 30, 2005 Audit
D-2005-053: FY 2004 Emergency Supplemental Funding for the Defense Information Systems Agency (Redacted), April 29, 2005 Audit
DODIG-2014-118: Improvements Needed in Contract Award of Mi-17 Cockpit Modification Task Order (Redacted), September 19, 2014 Audit
DODIG-2016-129: (U) The National Security Agency Should Take Additional Steps to Effectively Implement Its Privileged Access-Related Secure-the-Net Initiatives (Redacted), August 29, 2016 Audit
05-INTEL-09: Defense Intelligence Agency Data Call Submissions and Internal Control Processes for Base Realignment and Closure 2005 (Redacted), May 13, 2005 Intelligence and Special Program Assessments
Reducing Vulnerabilities at the Defense Information Systems Agency Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (Redacted), July 22, 2011 Audit
Defense Information Systems Agency Control Placed in Operation and Tests of Operating Effectiveness for the Period October 1, 2009 through April, 2010 (Full Grant), June 30, 2010 Audit
Report on General and Applications Controls at the Defense Information Systems Agency, Center for Computing Services (Redacted), August 18, 2006 Audit

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Final Opinions

Final opinions and orders made in the adjudication of cases that may be cited, used, or relied upon as precedents in future adjudications. (In compliance with 5 U.S.C. § 552(a)(2)(A))

Policy Statements and Interpretations  

Statements of policy and interpretations that have been adopted by the agency and are not all published in the Federal Register. (In compliance with 5 U.S.C. § 552 (a)(2)(B))

Staff Manuals and Instructions

Administrative staff manuals and instructions, or portions thereof that establish DoD IG policy or interpretations of policy that affect the public.(In compliance with 5 U.S.C. § 552 (a)(2)(C))

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