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Assessment of U.S. and Coalition Plans to Train, Equip, and Field the Afghan Air Force
The objective of this assessment is to determine whether the U.S. Government and Coalition Forces plans for training, equipping, and fielding a viable and sustainable Afghan Air Force are prepared, issued, operative, and relevant. Specifically, we will evaluate two elements supporting the goal of Final Operational Capability by September 2012: (1) the current status of AAF development compared to Command expectations; and (2) the viability of Command plans to achieve the stated goal over the next 15 months.

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Audit of Accountability for Night Vision Devices Procured for the Afghan National Security Forces
The objective of this audit is to evaluate the accountability for night vision devices and associated parts procured for the Afghan National Security Forces.

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Audit of DoD Contracts Awarded Without Competition
The objective of this audit is to determine whether DoD noncompetitive contract awards are properly and adequately justified as sole source, and whether the determination of the negotiated price of the award is fair and reasonable.

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Audit of the Development of Individual Equipment Requirements for the Afghan National Army
The purpose of this audit is to determine whether the development process for the Afghan National Army regarding requirements for individual equipment was adequate. Specifically, we will determine the adequacy of the acquisition, sustainment, and training requirements established for individual items for the Afghan National Army.

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Audit of the V-22 Osprey's Mission Readiness Rates, Maintainability, and Sustainment Cost
Our overall objective is to evaluate whether the V -22 Osprey's performance is meeting the mission capability rate requirements. Specifically, we will evaluate how the frequency of repairs and the replacement of supply paltsaffected the V-22's mission readiness from October 1,2008, through September 30, 2010.
Assessment of the DoD Establishment of the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq
The broad objective of this project is to assess progress made by the DoD toward establishing the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq. Specifically, we will assess: 1) execution of the plan to transition authority, personnel, and equipment for the OSC-I from DoD to the Department of State, and 2) sufficiency of the OSC-I to carry out its mission to support the development of the Iraqi Security Force capability.

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Audit of Accounting for Residual Value from the Sale of U.S. Facilities in Europe
This audit will determine whether DoD personnel properly submitted residual value claims for returned facilities, such as buildings and other structures, and obtained monetary or non-monetary consideration, and properly accounted for the use of residual value amounts.

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Audit of Medical Staffing and Specialty Care Requirements in Guam
This is the second in a series of audits regarding the adequacy of medical plans related to the realignment of military members and their families to Guam. We will determine whether the methodology and plan ensure that eligible beneficiaries have adequate access to care given the expected population increases resulting from the realignment in Guam.

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Assessment of U.S. Government and Coalition Efforts to Develop the Logistics Sustainment Capability of the Afghan National Army
The objectives of this assessment are to determine whether the planning and operational implementation of efforts by U.S. and Coalition forces to train, advise, and assist in the development of an enduring logistics sustainability capability for the Afghan National Army is effective.

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Audit of DoD Countermine and Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Systems Contracts - Vehicle Optics Sensor System
Auditors will determine whether the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) and Army procurement efforts for the Vehicle Optics Sensor System, used on RG-31 and Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal Rapid Response Vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan, were developed, contracted, and managed in accordance with regulations.

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