Audit Report

Joint Warfighting and Readiness
MV-22 Squadrons Could Improve Reporting of Mission Capability Rates and Readiness (Project No. D2011-D000LH-0170.000)
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What We Did

Our overall objective was to evaluate the accuracy of the aircraft inventory reports and work orders used to compute the MV-22 mission capability rates (MCR) from October 1, 2008, through September 30, 2011. In addition, we evaluated readiness reports to determine whether MV-22 squadrons reported accurate and complete equipment condition (R-level) and category (C-level) information for the MV-22.

What We Found

From FY 2009 through FY 2011, MV-22 squadron commanders computed the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program MCR for five of the six squadrons using erroneous aircraft inventory reports and work orders. Squadron maintenance personnel:

  • improperly recorded MV-22 aircraft status information 167 of 200 times on aircraft inventory reports for out-of-reporting periods; and
  • did not adequately prepare 112 of 907 work orders that we reviewed.

In addition, MV-22 squadron commanders submitted incomplete or inaccurate readiness reports for the six squadrons. For example, squadron operations personnel provided incomplete or inaccurate R-level information for 199 of 265 readiness reports. Furthermore, 5 squadrons did not provide complete C-level information for 127 of 265 readiness reports.

This occurred because MV-22 squadron commanders did not:

  • adequately train MV-22 maintenance personnel to prepare aircraft inventory reports and work orders nor MV-22 operations personnel on readiness reports;
  • verify the accuracy of aircraft inventory reports, work orders, and readiness reports; or
  • place a continued emphasis on the reliability of data critical to the MCR.

As a result, the MCRs were unreliable, and senior DoD and Marine Corps officials could have deployed MV-22 squadrons that were not prepared for missions.

What We Recommend

We recommend the Commander, Naval Air Forces, revise the Commander, Naval Air Forces Instruction 4790.2A, "Naval Aviation Maintenance Program," November 10, 2009, to include detailed procedures for maintenance officers to verify the accuracy and completeness of aircraft inventory reports and work orders before submission.

We recommend the Commander, Marine Forces Command and the Commander, Marines Forces Pacific:

  • require MV-22 squadrons track and report on the accuracy and completion of aircraft inventory reports and work orders; and
  • require subordinate MV-22 organizations and activities, at all levels of the command, to certify the accuracy of readiness reports submitted.

Management Comments and Our Response

Comments from the Commander, Naval Air Force, Pacific, responding for the Commander, Naval Air Forces, were partially responsive. Comments from the Deputy Commandant for Aviation, responding for the Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies, and Operations, the Commander, Marine Forces Command, and the Commander, Marine Forces Pacific, were partially responsive.