DoD IG Semiannual Reports

Semiannual Report to the Congress is Issued

February 3, 2014 - DoD IG Semiannual Report to the Congress | April 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013

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The Semiannual Report to the Congress has been issued for the reporting period of April 1, 2013, through September 30, 2013. The report summarizes the scope of our achievements of DoD IG, as well as the contributions of the audit and investigative agencies of the military departments. During the reporting period, DoD IG issued 83 reports and identified $23.5 billion in potential monetary benefits. DCIS investigations resulted in 111 arrests, 175 criminal charges, 147 criminal convictions, 76 suspensions, and 102 debarments, as well as $619.8 million returned to the U.S. government. 

This report highlights a few of those significant projects completed during the reporting period, including a review of whether Military Criminal Investigative Organizations investigate sexual assaults as required by guiding policies and procedures, and implementing recent enhancements to whistleblower protection statutes. Representatives of DoD IG also testified at two hearings: one about concerns regarding a contract with the prime food/nonfood vendor for our Nation’s Warfighters in Afghanistan; and one about DoD direct assistance to Afghanistan and DoD IG’s oversight efforts.

The Semiannual Report insert includes project summaries, statistical highlights and challenge areas for the Department. To view the Semiannual Report to the Congress, click here (7.7 MB).  To view the insert, click here (1.13MB).