News | Feb. 9, 2018

DoD Principal Deputy Inspector General's 7 Additional Principles


DoD OIG Principal Deputy Inspector General Glenn Fine wrote an article entitled "Seven Additional Principles of Highly Effective Inspectors General," which was recently published by the Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity at Columbia Law School. The article was based on a speech PDIG Fine gave to a conference of the Association of Inspectors General.   The article is a sequel to a previous article written by PDIG Fine that was published by the Center, entitled “Seven Principles of Highly Effective Inspectors General.”


The seven additional principles are:

  1. Promote Transparency

  2. Follow Up on Recommendations

  3. Communicate Regularly and Widely

  4. Strive for Clear and Understandable Reports

  5. Strive for Thoroughness and Accuracy, in Addition to Timeliness

  6. Take Complaints Seriously

  7. Collaborate


Both articles can be found at the links below.