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Report | May 26, 2021

Oversight Review: DC National Guard's Use of Helicopters on June 1, 2020 (DODIG-2021-089)

Administrative Investigations

Publicly Released: May 27, 2021

Our oversight review determined that the Department of the Army Inspector General (DAIG) analysis of the facts was reasonable based on the available evidence in this case and the declared emergency nature of the situation on June 1, 2020. The evidence supports a determination that the decision by DCNG officials, including BG Ryan, to use helicopters in support of the civil disturbance operation based on the emergent nature of the situation and broad directions from the President of the United States (POTUS), the Secretary of Defense (SD), and the Secretary of the Army (SECARMY) was reasonable.

We also reviewed the recommendations contained in the DAIGROI and agree that the DCNG AR 15-6 findings merit reconsideration because our review found insufficient evidence to support them.

We reviewed the other recommendations in the DAIG ROI and recommend that DoD review and consider extending those recommendations to other DoD units that may provide similar helicopter support to law enforcement authorities in civil disturbance operations.