Our Mission 

We promote the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of DoD programs, and the integrity of its workforce and operations, through impactful audits, evaluations, investigations, and reviews.

Our Vision

We are a high-performing team driving positive change.

Our Values


We are independent and unbiased in philosophy and practice. Objectivity and impartiality shape our conduct and facts lead our work. The conclusions we reach and the recommendations we issue are grounded in evidence and free from external influence.


We approach our work with diligence and dedication. In pursuit of truth, we adhere to high ethical standards and practices, promoting responsibility and accountability in all that we do. We support employees who make protected disclosures and aid in the resolution of their concerns.


We are committed to the skillful implementation of our oversight mission. Our work is timely, thorough, and insightful, reflecting the conscientious application of professional and technical standards, grounded in statutory requirements and regulatory guidance. The actions we take make a difference—promoting the Department’s efforts to achieve its critical mission and the careful stewardship of taxpayer resources. Similarly, we invest in our own professional and organizational improvement to ensure our people can learn, grow, and develop—appropriately positioning us to have a positive impact on the Department.


We aim to promote public awareness regarding our oversight work. While some of our work is classified or otherwise protected from public disclosure, we strive to maximize transparency in our reporting and our communications. We are clear about the goals and objectives of our work, and our processes, recommendations, and conclusions are logical and understandable. We recognize that being direct and open builds trust and confidence in our oversight efforts. Our transparency plays an important role in informing DoD stakeholders, Congress, and the public about our findings regarding the programs and personnel of the Department.


Our Strategic Goals

Build and sustain high-performing and motivated teams.
Perform impactful work.
Optimize internal operations.