The DoD OIG's headquarters is located in Alexandria, Virginia. The OIG also has more than 50 field offices located in the United States, Europe, Southwest Asia, and South Korea. Over 1,000 DoD OIG employees are assigned to OIG headquarters, and more than 500 OIG employees, mostly auditors and investigators, are assigned to DoD OIG field offices. At any time, approximately 50 employees are temporarily assigned in Southwest Asia. 



Administrative Investigations
Administrative Investigations oversees DoD Component allegations of misconduct by senior DoD officials, and allegations of whistleblower reprisal and restriction from communication with an IG or Member of Congress. AI also provides a confidential DoD Hotline for reporting fraud, waste, and abuse and for detecting and preventing threats and danger to the public health and safety of the DoD.   

Audit provides independent, relevant, and timely audits that promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness, and include actionable recommendations that, when effectively implemented, help improve DoD programs, operations, and stewardship of its resources. 

Defense Criminal Investigative Service
Defense Criminal Investigative Service conducts criminal investigations of matters related to DoD programs and operations, focusing on procurement fraud, public corruption, product substitution, health care fraud, illegal technology transfer, and cyber crimes and computer intrusions.

Intelligence and Special Program Assessments
Intelligence and Special Programs Assessments provides oversight across the full spectrum of programs, policies, procedures, and functions of the intelligence and counterintelligence enterprises, special access programs, nuclear enterprise, and related security issues within the DoD. 

Policy and Oversight
Policy and Oversight provides oversight and policy guidance for DoD audit and investigative activities, conducts engineering assessments of DoD programs, provides technical advice and support to DoD OIG projects, and operates the DoD OIG subpoena and contractor disclosure programs. 

Special Plans and Operations
Special Plans and Operations conducts evaluations related to national security issues, congressional requests, and significant DoD programs and operations.

Overseas Contingency Operations
Overseas Contingency Operations supports the DoD OIG’s Lead IG responsibilities, coordinates the oversight of overseas contingency operations by the DoD OIG and other agencies through joint strategic planning and project management, and produces quarterly reports related to each overseas contingency operation.


Legislative Affairs and Communications
General Counsel
Equal Employment Opportunity
Mission Support Team