Equal Opportunity (EO) or Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO) Discrimination Complaints


If you believe you are experiencing discrimination, hostile work environment, and/or sexual harassment, the established grievance channel is to consult with either your Equal Opportunity (EO) officer, for military members; or for civilians, your Human Resource Office, Human Resource Service Center, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) advisor, or your Alternate Dispute Resolution coordinator to discuss your options, to include the complaint filing process, if appropriate.  As filing timelines apply, be sure to consult with your EO or EEO advisor as soon as you believe you experienced an act of discrimination or other management wrongdoing.

Matters of this nature do not generally fall under the purview of the Inspector General, as an established grievance channel is available to pursue recourse.

Your local EO or EEO office should be easy to locate, but in the event you need general information and/or locator assistance, you may click here to review the DoD Wide Equal Opportunity & Equal Employment Opportunity Program page.