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DoD Joint Inspector General Program

The Joint IG Program enhances oversight of the Department by coordinating efforts and strengthening interagency relationships. The Joint Inspector General Activities Branch interfaces with Joint/Defense IGs worldwide while interpreting and advising on doctrine and procedures; managing mobile training teams and staff assist visits; producing Joint IG Guides; and overseeing Joint IG Qualification Courses. We share your goals to support the warfighters, increase mission readiness, and combat fraud, waste, and abuse. We look forward to engaging with you and working together to strengthen the Defense oversight community.


Institutionalize the professionalism of the DoD Joint/Defense Inspectors General through the development and implementation of Joint IG functions and procedures with the intent to unify oversight efforts in the Department.


The tenets of the DoD OIG Joint IG Program:

- Manage Joint IG Qualification Courses producing mission ready Inspectors General.

- Execute staff assistance visits and mobile training teams.

- Manage the development and advancement of the Joint IG publications.

- Serve as a Joint IG Liaison Office to interface with Joint/Defense IGs worldwide (Combatant Commands, Sub-Unified Commands,
  Joint Task Forces, Other Defense Agencies, Other Federal Agencies) advising them in the interpretation and application of Joint IG    doctrine and procedures.




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