Privacy Program


The mission of the Privacy Office is to protect the privacy and personal information of individuals while achieving the mission of the DoD OIG. The DoD OIG Privacy Office accomplishes this mission by administering the Department’s Privacy Program and serving as a steward of the Privacy Act of 1974, to include, numerous laws, Executive Orders, court decisions and policies that govern and protect the collection, use, and disclosure of personal and DoD information.


The Privacy Act requires that agencies publish systems of record notices in the Federal Register.


Request Records Amend a DoD OIG Record

Guidelines for Submitting a Privacy Act Request

When submitting a Privacy Act request for records, a completed DoD OIG Certification of Identity is required. The purpose of this form is to ensure that your information, contained in a DoD OIG system of record, is not inadvertently disclosed to a third party. Requests for first-party records will not be processed until a completed certification of identity form is received.

Policy and Resources

Privacy Impact Assessments