DoD Employment Verification & Locating a Military Service Member


The Defense Hotline does not verify employment for active duty military members or for civilian employees by telephone.  If you are seeking verification of military service or employment with DoD by phone, please use the contact phone numbers on the person's resume, or application, to reach the DoD office or military organization at which they work or  have worked previously.

Verification at the DoD level is managed through web sites or through the military services.  The Department of Defense recently discontinued the use of The Work Number as the means of verifying its civilian employees' employment. A new process has been established which enables civilian employees to submit their own employment and salary verification via email to an external source using MyBiz. You may consult your respective Human Resources personnel for assistance, or employees with questions specific to using the MyBiz program can contact the HR Customer Care Center at 317-212-0454. 

To verify Active Duty status for military members, as authorized under the Service members Civil Relief Act, please go to the Defense Manpower and Data Center web site.

The web address for verification is:  You may also contact officials of the Defense Manpower Data Center at 703-696-6762.

If you wish to obtain more specific location information for a service member, please visit our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page for detailed information on each service branch locator service and procedures for submitting a request.