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Government Settles Claims Against Accountant For Tainted Compounding Pharmacy Proceeds


Ronald Combs and the Ronald Combs Healthmark Trust have agreed to pay to the government $650,000 to resolve allegations that Combs wrongfully deposited tainted compounding pharmacy proceeds into the Ronald Combs Healthmark Trust.

The United States previously settled allegations that QMedRx, a compound pharmacy in Maitland, Florida, knowingly billed federal healthcare programs for services that were not reimbursable and thus violated the False Claims Act. In the case at hand, the government contends that proceeds from QMedRx’s improper activities were deposited into the Healthmark Investment Trust and that Combs withdrew funds from the Healthmark Investment Trust and deposited them into the Ronald Combs Healthmark Trust. The government contends that Combs was not entitled to withdraw these funds, as they represented the ill-gotten gains of QMedRx’s misconduct, and the withdrawal was otherwise improper under state law.

“The United States Attorney’s Office is committed to protecting TRICARE and other federal health care programs from any improper practice that harms our nation’s subsidized health programs,” said U.S. Attorney Maria Chapa Lopez. “The diligence required in this case aptly demonstrates the lengths to which we will go to protect the fiscal integrity of these programs.”