News | Aug. 31, 2017

Compendium of Open Office of Inspector General Recommendations to the Department of Defense


The DoD OIG conducts independent audits and evaluations of DoD programs and operations. These reports often include recommendations for improvement or corrective actions that, if implemented, could enable the DoD to reduce costs, realize monetary benefits, and improve performance and efficiency.

The DoD OIG regularly follows up on open recommendations to determine the status of corrective actions. This Compendium summarizes all recommendations we previously issued to DoD Components that remained open as of March 31, 2017.
As of March 31, 2017, there were 1,298 open recommendations that were issued to 46 DoD Components in 288 DoD OIG audit and evaluation reports. DoD management agreed to take corrective actions on 1,251 of those recommendations. For the remaining 47 open recommendations, the DoD OIG and DoD Components have not agreed on an acceptable corrective action that meets the intent of the recommendation.
Of the 1,298 open recommendations, 58 have associated potential monetary benefits. If the DoD Components implemented all 58 recommendations, DoD could save $33.6 billion.
The Compendium also highlights the top 30 open recommendations that warrant priority attention. The DoD OIG believes these recommendations, if implemented, would provide the greatest benefit to the DoD based on the potential of the recommendations to improve the effectiveness of DoD operations and to achieve cost savings.
The DoD OIG will continue to track open recommendations and engage with DoD senior managers who are responsible for resolving disagreements and implementing corrective actions. Until disagreements are resolved and corrective actions are completed, these recommendations will remain open.