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News | April 2, 2019

DoD OIG Announces Reorganization of Evaluations Component

The Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG) recently re-organized to consolidate three separate evaluations components into a single Evaluations component.

Effective April 1, 2019, Policy and Oversight, Special Plans and Operations, and Intelligence and Special Program Assessments became the Evaluations component, with Deputy Inspector General Michael J. Roark leading the new component. 

“Our goal in the new Evaluations component is to provide timely and relevant oversight of operations and programs in the DoD,” said Mr. Roark.  “I look forward to working with my colleagues to continue the important work of evaluations throughout the Department.”

The consolidation comes after a three-month organizational review, conducted by a Strategic Alignment Review Team led by the DoD OIG Strategy, Planning, and Innovation Directorate.  

DoD OIG Principal Deputy Inspector General Glenn Fine announced the decision to consolidate in October 2018, stating that the reorganization aligns with the DoD OIG’s strategic plan objective to adapt the organization and streamline processes to meet evolving challenges.

“The OIG has an obligation, like the DoD itself is doing with its structures, to review our own organization to ensure that we are optimally organized to perform our critical mission as efficiently and effectively as possible,” he said. 

The new Evaluations component is organized around 10 divisions divided between two directorates:  Program, Combatant Command, and Overseas Contingency Operations and Space, Intelligence, Engineering, and Oversight.

In addition to the new consolidated component, several important DoD OIG mission areas are now reassigned elsewhere in the agency as part of the restructure: 

  • The Contractor Disclosure Program is now aligned under Administrative Investigations
  • The Subpoena Program is now aligned under the OIG's Office of General Counsel
  • Coordination of DoD issuances is now aligned under the OIG’s Executive Secretariat
  • Responsibility for the Joint IG Manual and DoD directive is now aligned under the Joint IG Activities Division of the OIG’s Human Capital Management Directorate 

“The evaluation function is critical to the DoD OIG mission,” said Mr. Fine.  “Establishing a single Evaluations component will better enable the DoD OIG to standardize evaluation policy and project planning and execution.  The consolidation will also promote consistency, improve training across the Evaluations component, provide the DoD and others a single point of contact for evaluations, consolidate administrative functions for evaluations, establish a single leader for evaluations, and improve our unity of effort and oversight for this important function.”