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News | May 31, 2024

Press Release: Audit of DoD Training of Ukrainian Armed Forces: Patriot Air and Missile Defense System and Collective Training (Report No. DODIG-2024-090)

Inspector General Robert P. Storch announced today that the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General released “Audit of DoD Training of Ukrainian Armed Forces: Patriot Air Missile Defense System and Collective Training.”  

“This report underscores the importance of developing requirements and standard operating procedures to ensure the efficacy of training,” said IG Storch. “We found that the Army successfully trained Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) on the Patriot Air Missile Defense System (the Patriot), but needed improvement in formalizing processes for its collective training programs that support the progression from individual skills to battalion-level exercises, which is important for the UAF to operate effectively as a unit.” 

The DoD OIG found that U.S. Army-provided training ensured UAF personnel were proficient in their operation and maintenance of the Patriot. From January 15 through April 14, 2023, the 3-6 Air Defense Artillery Battalion trained UAF personnel on the Patriot during a 10-week course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. No recommendations related to Patriot training were necessary.

Regarding UAF collective training, the report highlights weaknesses in procedures in Grafenwoehr, Germany, from January 15 through May 19, 2023. During collective training, U.S. Army units prepare UAF infantry battalions to conduct operations as a cohesive force. The DoD OIG identified that the 7th Army Training Command (ATC) did not have enough linguists to support the number of UAF infantry battalions it trained. The shortage happened because 7th ATC officials received the information required to obtain linguist support only two weeks before UAF training began, but getting linguists can take up to 90 days. The 7th ATC took corrective measures and resolved the linguist shortage. The DoD OIG also identified that the 7th ATC did not have a formal process to assess the proficiency of UAF personnel participating in collective training. In July 2023, the 7th ATC implemented a performance assessment process for the UAF but had not formalized this process into a standard operating procedure.

The DoD OIG made one recommendation to the Commander of the 7th Army Training Command that the Joint Multinational Training Group–Ukraine formalize its UAF assessment process into a standard operating procedure. On March 20, 2024, the 7th ATC addressed the recommendation by formalizing its assessment process.

This report is the last in a series of four reports about DoD training of the UAF.