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Report | July 31, 2020

Special Report: Lessons Learned for Department of Defense Acquisition Officials During Acquisition Reform (DODIG-2020-109)


Publicly Released: August 4, 2020


This special report provides lessons learned identified in audit reports related to the Department of Defense acquisition process. From 2014 through April 2020, the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General conducted 36 audits related to acquisitions. We analyzed the audit reports and identified common weaknesses related to developing and meeting performance requirements, funding acquisition programs, determining procurement quantity, and testing and evaluating program capabilities. Using these weaknesses, we identified best practices and developed lessons learned that should be implemented by acquisition officials during acquisition reform.

We recognize that Department of Defense acquisition officials are in a unique, ever-changing situation with the current reform efforts. However, the lessons learned highlighted in this special report should assist these officials in ensuring that the Department of Defense acquires goods and services that meet its needs in a timely manner and at a fair and reasonable price.