Report | April 1, 2021

Project Announcement: Audit of Medical Conditions of Residents in Privatized Military Housing (Project No. D2021-D000AX-0105.000)


We plan to begin the subject audit in April 2021. Public Law 116-283 “William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021,” January 1, 2021, requires this audit. The objective of this audit is to determine the percentage of privatized military housing units that have been determined to be unsafe, unhealthy, or both. We will attempt to determine the association of exposure to certain unsafe or unhealthy conditions in privatized military housing units and the rate of occurrence of associated medical conditions. We will also assess the DoD's efforts to track relationships between exposures and adverse health impacts. We may revise the objective as the audit proceeds, and we will also consider suggestions from management for additional or revised objectives.