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Report | Nov. 15, 2018

Top DoD Management Challenges – Fiscal Year 2019


Each Inspector General (IG) is required by Federal law to prepare an annual statement that summarizes what the IG considers to be the “most serious management and performance challenges facing the agency” and to assess the agency’s progress in addressing those challenges. The law also requires the IG’s statement to be included in the agency’s Financial Report. 


The DoD OIG identified these challenges based on a variety of factors, including DoD OIG oversight work, research, and judgment; oversight work done by other DoD Components; oversight work conducted by the Government Accountability Office; and input from DoD officials. While the DoD OIG reviewed DoD statements, documents, and assessments of these and other critical issues, the DoD OIG identified these top challenges independently. 


The DoD OIG also uses this document to determine areas of risk in DoD operations and where to allocate DoD OIG oversight resources. This document is forward-looking and identifies the top challenges facing the DoD in FY 2019 and in the future.

The top management challenges document discusses each challenge, actions taken by the DoD to address the challenge, and oversight work by the DoD OIG and others related to the challenge.


As reflected in this document, the FY 2019 top 10 DoD management and performance challenges are:


1.   Implementing DoD Reform Initiatives

2.   Countering China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea

3.   Countering Global Terrorism

4.   Financial Management:

      Implementing Timely and Effective Actions to Address Financial Management Weaknesses Identified

      During the First DoD-Wide Financial Statement Audit

5.   Improving Cyber Security and Cyber Capabilities

6.   Ensuring Ethical Conduct

7.   Enhancing Space-Based Operations, Missile Detection and Response, and Nuclear Deterrence

8.   Improving Readiness Throughout the DoD

9.   Acquisition and Contract Management:

      Ensuring that the DoD Gets What It Pays For On Time, at a Fair Price, and With the Right Capabilities

10. Providing Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Health Care


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