Report | Jan. 27, 2014

Defense Logistics Agency Effectively Managed Continental U.S. Mission-Critical Batteries



We determined whether the Defense Logistics Agency effectively fulfilled warfighter requirements for batteries designated mission-critical by military services. Specifically, we determined whether Defense Logistics Agency met the 4-day continental U.S. time definite delivery standard for fiscal year 2012 mission-critical battery requisitions. The DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Regulation notes that the time definite delivery concept represents 85 percent of the total time that the wholesale supply system is capable of delivering the required materiel to its customers.  


The Agency met the 4-day continental U.S. time definite delivery standard for 82 of 96 requisitions for mission-critical batteries reviewed at four continental U.S. installations. The Agency did not meet the 4-day standard for 14 requisitions because the batteries were on backorder or deliveries were delayed. However, we found no adverse impact to the customer operations where the 14 requisitioned mission-critical batteries delivered did not meet the 4-day standard. Adverse impact was avoided because customers used alternative replacement batteries on-hand that performed the same intended need or identified alternative solutions until the requisitioned batteries were delivered. Therefore, we did not make recommendations.

Management Comments

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This report is a result of Project No. D2013-D000LG-0091.000.