Report | July 25, 2014

Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise Basic Ordering Agreements and Task Orders Were Properly Executed and Awarded



We determined whether U.S. Army Contracting Command-Rock Island (ACC-RI) officials awarded Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise (EAGLE) basic ordering agreements and task orders in accordance with Federal and DoD guidelines.


For the basic ordering agreements and the task orders we reviewed, ACC-RI officials effectively executed EAGLE basic ordering agreements and properly awarded task orders in accordance with Federal and DoD guidelines.

Specifically, for the 10 basic ordering agreements we reviewed, ACC-RI’s process for executing basic ordering agreements included:

  • properly issuing requests for proposals,
  • documenting required information, and
  • accurately verifying contractor registration.

In addition, ACC-RI’s process for awarding the five task orders included:

  • properly limiting competition on a set-aside basis,
  • effectively evaluating proposals, and
  • properly incorporating requirements defined by the Army Sustainment Command.

ACC-RI streamlined the task order award process by conducting evaluations for only those proposals that complied with submission requirements. Competing the task orders among the established pool of qualified contractors should also increase contract award efficiencies.

Therefore, we are not making any recommendations.

Management Comments and Our Response

We provided a discussion draft to ACC-RI officials on May 22, 2014. We considered management comments on a discussion draft of this report when preparing the final report.