Report | Nov. 5, 2014

Although U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Prepared Completion andSustainment Plans for Ongoing Construction Projects for U.S. Facilities, Four Construction Projects at Bagram Faced Significant Challenges



We determined whether DoD activities established a process to evaluate whether construction projects for U.S. facilities in Afghanistan should be completed or terminated. For those projects to be completed, we determined whether DoD activities had effective completion and sustainment plans.


DoD activities established a process to determine whether ongoing military construction projects for U.S. facilities in Afghanistan should be completed or terminated. Specifically, United States Forces–Afghanistan personnel routinely coordinated with DoD activities to:

  • review ongoing military construction projects to ensure they were aligned with strategic mission requirements, and constructed to acceptable standards of quality; and
  • aid in the process of transitioning facilities for sustainment.

As a result, DoD activities realized a cost savings of $22.7 million through termination and offsets of select military construction projects.

In addition, completion and sustainment plans were developed for all seven ongoing construction projects we reviewed. However, plans for three projects were negated when the contractor defaulted. During the audit, we informed Air Force Central Command personnel of the need to revise the completion and sustainment plans, and we stated our concerns about the continuation of three projects. We suggested they determine whether a valid requirement for the projects still existed. Additionally, although its completion and sustainment plans were completed, the Bagram Westside Utilities Infrastructure project will not be able to fully function, because it is dependent on the Bagram sewer system, which will not be operational when the project is completed.

Management Actions Taken

The Commander, Air Force Central Command, requested cancelation of the three projects on which the contractor defaulted, because they would not be completed in time to provide a justifiable duration of service, given the projected drawdown of U.S. forces in Afghanistan announced by the President. Additionally, the Commander, United States Forces–Afghanistan, Garrison, Bagram, continued repairs of the Bagram sewer system to make it operational, which she stated will allow the Westside Utilities Infrastructure project to operate as intended. These actions addressed our concerns and therefore, no recommendations are required.

Management Comments

We considered management comments on a discussion draft of this report and revised the final report as appropriate. No official response was required, and none was received. Therefore, we are issuing this report in final form.