Report | Aug. 27, 2015

Plans for Assessing Contractor Performance for the Camp Lemonnier Base Operations Support Contract Needed Improvement (Redacted)



Our objective was to determine whether DoD officials were effectively administering the base operations support contract at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, (CLDJ) Africa. Specifically, we determined the adequacy of the plans developed for assessing contractor performance.


Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Atlantic officials did not ensure plans for assessing contractor performance for the CLDJ base operations support contract were adequate. We nonstatistically sampled 3 of 22 base operations support contract services— security operations, fire and emergency services, and supply services. In summary, NAVFAC officials did not ensure the functional assessment plans (FAP) for the three services contained all contractor work requiring assessment, measurable performance standards, and adequate methods for assessing contractor performance.

This occurred because NAVFAC guidance did not require the contracting officer to review the FAPs after development and revisions to the FAPs, and did not require additional controls over the contractor assessment process in an expeditionary environment.

As a result, contractor performance could not be properly assessed, increasing the risk that contract requirements were not being met for security operations, fire and emergency services, and supply services. Although we did not observe any substandard work performed by the contractor during our review, not meeting contract requirements for the services reviewed could have a direct effect on the life and safety of CLDJ personnel, and the security of CLDJ assets.

Management Actions Taken

During the audit, NAVFAC officials took corrective actions to address the report findings. Specifically, on March 16, 2015, the Business Management System was revised as follows:

  • Business Management System B-14.3 was updated to require the contract officer representative conduct a FAP review to ensure all contract work requirements are identified, and methods for assessment of contractor performance are appropriate for the work being assessed.
  • Business Management System B-14.3 was updated to require the Facilities Engineering Command Facility Support Contract Management and Facility Services staff to provide technical support during FAP development and revision in locations where performance assessment personnel are in rotational or short term assignments.

In addition to updating the Business Management System, NAVFAC officials updated the security operations, fire and emergency, and supply services FAPs on March 25, 2015, in response to the deficiencies we identified. The updated FAPs added a unit of measure to each specification item. NAVFAC officials informed us that the updated FAPs were provided t o CLDJ. Therefore, we made no recommendations in this report.