Report | Dec. 11, 2015

Evaluation of the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations' Violent Crime Investigative Compliance Oversight Management and Inspection Programs



We evaluated the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations’ (MCIOs’) internal controls (investigative compliance oversight management and inspection programs) regarding noncombat deaths, sexual assault, and other violent crime investigations to ensure compliance with DoD, Military Service, and MCIO policies. The execution of MCIO internal controls should provide reasonable assurance that MCIOs are complying with investigative standards.

Our evaluation focused on the following questions.

·         Did the MCIOs’ internal control programs align with DoD and Military Service requirements?

·         Did MCIOs execute internal control procedures as required?


Additionally, we highlighted comparable practices and training that Federal, state, and local civilian law enforcement agencies use to execute internal control measures.


The MCIOs’ investigative compliance oversight management and inspection programs aligned with DoD and Military Service requirements, and the MCIOs were executing internal controls as required; however, their programs could be improved in some areas.


·         The Commander, United States Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID), review subordinate Managers’ Internal Control (MIC) Plans to ensure plans include applicable Army MIC Program “Inventory of Internal Control Evaluations.”

·         The Director, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), update annually the NCIS “Managers’ Internal Control Plan,” June 2008, as required by policy and update NCIS‑1, “Administrative Manual,” Chapter 5, “Inspector General Matters,” September 2007. The Manual should reflect current operating practices; specifically, how the organization grades individual units during NCIS Inspector General inspections.

·         The Commander, CID, and Director, NCIS, strive to meet management timeliness requirements for inspections and determine if existing timelines should be modified to meet today’s operational environment and, if necessary, update them.

·         The Commander, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, implement measures to codify regional case review and inspection policy requirements.

Management Comments and Our Response

The MCIOs agreed with our recommendations, and their comments addressed the specifics of the recommendations. However, further comments are required. While the Director, NCIS agreed he did not specify the actions he would take. Additionally, the MCIOs did not provide the expected dates of completion for proposed actions.