Report | Feb. 23, 2016

Evaluation of the Defense Agencies' Law Enforcement Divisions' Compliance with the Lautenberg Amendment Requirements and Implementing Guidance DODIG-2016-053


Specifically, we evaluated whether the LEDs have adequate procedures and processes to ensure:

  • qualifying domestic violence convictions could be identified before an employee's entrance on duty;
  • qualifying domestic violence convictions were reported for all personnel during their employment with the LED;
  • qualifying domestic violence convictions were documented; and
  • required personnel actions were taken if a qualifying domestic violence conviction was discovered or occurred after an employee entered on duty.


We determined that the LEDs fully complied with the Lautenberg Amendment requirements as implemented by DoDD 5210.56, DoDI 6400.06, and the LEDs’ agency guidance. We reviewed the agencies’ policies and determined that the policies comport with the Lautenberg Amendment as implemented by DoDD 5210.56 and DoDI 6400.06. We also conducted a randomly selected statistical sampling of the agencies’ personnel records and found that the DD Forms 2760 were completed and filed correctly. We noted that DIA, NGA, NSA, and PFPA exceeded the requirements of DoDI 6400.06 by requiring their employees to recertify annually that they do not have a qualifying domestic violence conviction. Furthermore, DIA, NGA, and PFPA went beyond policy requirements when they implemented internal processes to conduct annual records checks of personnel in covered positions, helping ensure that the divisions did not issue firearms or ammunition to anyone with a qualifying domestic violence conviction. Therefore, we are not making any recommendations.


This report is a result of Project No. 2015C010.