Report | Sept. 8, 2015

Audit of the Acquisition of the Long Range Strike-Bomber



The overall objective was to evaluate how management was preparing the Long Range Strike-Bomber program for its next acquisition milestone (Milestone B). Specifically, we determined whether early planning for the system was adequate and if users' requirements were being met.


Early planning for the Long Range Strike-Bomber is adequate and the program management office is preparing for the Milestone B decision. Specifically, the program management office has:

• A comprehensive acquisition strategy and risk management process to support a cost-effective program;
• Clearly defined requirements to ensure users' needs are being met;
• A detailed contracting strategy to develop the Long Range Strike-Bomber program; and
• Adequately developed and incorporated a process to develop an accurate cost position and program schedule.

In addition the program management office has integrated security early in the acquisition and is providing day-to-day security management for the program.