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Report | Feb. 9, 2018

Report of Investigation: Mr. Joseph F. Guzowski Senior Executive Service DODIG 2018-062

We initiated this investigation to address an allegation that Mr. Joseph F. Guzowski, Senior Executive Service, Principal Director to The Inspector General for Inspections, Headquarters, Department of the Army Inspector General Agency, failed to treat an employee with dignity and respect. During our investigation, we identified three additional complainants who alleged additional instances in which Mr. Guzowski engaged in a course of conduct that failed to treat employees with dignity and respect.  We substantiated the allegation.  We determined that Mr. Guzowski violated the Joint Ethics Regulation and Army Regulations when he:  engaged in unwelcomed and intentional touching of two employees; made a derogatory comment to an employee that witnesses considered offensive and condescending; threw money at an employee during a conference presentation; and made remarks to female employees about belly fat, their need to follow his diet, and to lose weight.  We gave Mr. Guzowski the opportunity to review our tentative conclusion.  We reviewed the information he provided in response and conducted additional fieldwork.  We modified our tentative conclusion about one incident, but we stood by our conclusion that his overall course of conduct toward employees discussed in this report exhibited his failure to treat them with dignity and respect.  We recommended that the Army take appropriate action regarding Mr. Guzowski.