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Report | Jan. 28, 2020

Understanding the Results of the Audit of the DoD FY 2019 Financial Statements


Publicly Released: January 30, 2020


During FY 2019, the Department of Defense underwent a full financial statement audit for the second year. Like last year, this audit was performed by the DoD Office of Inspector General. Also similar to last year, the DoD received a disclaimer of opinion on the Agency‑Wide Basic Financial Statements. The opinions issued by the auditors contain technical language and follow a format dictated by auditing standards. The DoD OIG believes that it is important for non‑auditors to understand the results of the audits as well as the value of the audits. The purpose of this report is to summarize in terms understandable to non‑auditors the progress made by the DoD, the findings of the DoD’s financial statement audits, and the additional actions the DoD should take to address the overall findings of the audit.


The DoD OIG will continue to fully and fairly audit the financial statements, identify deficiencies, and provide clear information to the DoD on what is necessary to fix these deficiencies.


This is an important, long‑term effort that the DoD OIG is committed to supporting.