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Report | April 13, 2020

Report on the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud Procurement (DODIG-2020-079)

Administrative Investigations

Update: August 30, 2021 - Click here for JEDI FOIA Documents.

Publicly Released: April 15, 2020

On June 11, 2019, the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General initiated a review of the DoD Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud procurement, and an investigation into allegations that former DoD officials engaged in ethical misconduct related to the JEDI Cloud procurement.

Specifically, we reviewed the DoD’s decision to award the JEDI Cloud contract to a single contractor; the development of the requirements in the Request for Proposals; the DoD’s source selection process; the disclosures of source selection and proprietary information after contract award; and whether the JEDI Cloud source selection was influenced by outside pressure.

We also investigated allegations of ethical misconduct relating to JEDI, including allegations that DoD officials had financial interests that conflicted with duties that related to the JEDI Cloud procurement; failed to comply with standards that govern seeking post-Government employment; and improperly disclosed procurement information.

We issued our full 313-page report, with limited redactions for source selection information and to redact the names of non-senior officials. The report describes how we conducted our review and investigation of these allegations, and the results.

This report is a result of Case No. 20190321-056996-CASE-01