Report | Aug. 11, 2021

Management Advisory: Handling of Equipment With Sensitive Information and Records Retention Requirements Related to the Withdrawal From Afghanistan (DODIG-2021-111)


Publicly Released: August 13, 2021


This management advisory compiles weaknesses identified in nine Government Accountability Office, DoD Office of Inspector General, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, and Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction reports (issued between 2003 and 2020) related to not properly removing sensitive data from controlled inventory items; and poor recordkeeping, such as the lack of supporting documentation with respect to the disposal and retrograde of equipment and missing personnel records.

We reviewed DoD, DHA, combatant command, Department of the Army, and Department of the Air Force criteria applicable to records retention and proper handling of equipment containing sensitive information. In addition, we analyzed nine reports issued by the GAO, DoD OIG, SIGAR, and SIGIR between 2003 and 2020 that reviewed the handling of sensitive information as it relates to the disposition process and records retention. From these reports, we identified weaknesses related to the proper handling of sensitive information from medical equipment and administrative requirements to retain equipment and personnel records.