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Report | Sept. 21, 2021

Management Advisory: Identifying and Reporting Possible Human Trafficking Violations and Abuse Against Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Applicants and Other Afghan Refugees (DODIG-2021-132)


Publicly Released: September 23, 2021

We are providing this report for information and use. This management advisory compiles information about identifying and reporting possible human trafficking violations among the Afghan refugee population being housed by the Department of Defense. The Under Secretary of Defense for Policy; Commander of U.S. Central Command; Commander of U.S. Northern Command; Commander of U.S. Army Central; and Director of the Joint Staff should read this report as a reminder of current policies related to the identification, reporting, and deterring of trafficking in persons and reporting options available to DoD personnel when human trafficking is suspected.

This report contains no recommendations for action. We did not issue a draft report and no written response is required.