Administrative Investigations

Marguerite C. Garrison, Deputy Inspector General for Administrative Investigations


Administrative Investigations (AI) helps ensure ethical conduct throughout the DoD by conducting investigations and overseeing DoD Component investigations of allegations of misconduct by senior DoD officials, whistleblower reprisal, and Service member restriction from communication with an IG or Member of Congress.  AI also manages the DoD Hotline and the Contractor Disclosure Program, provides education and training on whistleblower protections through its Whistleblower Protection Coordinator, and facilitates voluntary resolution of whistleblower reprisal allegations through its Alternative Dispute Resolution program.

April 13, 2020

Report on the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud Procurement (DODIG-2020-079)

Publicly Released: April 15, 2020

On June 11, 2019, the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General initiated a review of the DoD Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud procurement, and an investigation into allegations that former DoD officials engaged in ethical misconduct related to the JEDI Cloud procurement.

Dec. 10, 2019

Report of Investigation: Mr. Guy B. Roberts Senior Executive Service Assistant Secretary of Defense Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Defense Programs DODIG-2020-038

Publicly Released: December 12, 2019

On February 7, 2019, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment referred a complaint to the DoD Office of Inspector General alleging that Mr. Guy B. Roberts, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs, sexually harassed a woman on his staff.

Oct. 15, 2019

Whistleblower Reprisal Investigation Valiant Integrated Services, Limited Liability Company U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq DODIG-2020-004

Publicly released: October 17, 2019 The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted this investigation in response to whistleblower reprisal allegations against Valiant Integrated Services, Limited Liability Company (VIS). It was alleged that VIS attempted to transfer the Complainant from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, to Basra, Iraq, and then discharged her on January 29, 2018 in reprisal for her making protected disclosures to various individuals who had oversight responsibility for the contact between VIS and the Department of the Army.

Aug. 26, 2019

Report Of Investigation: William F. Moran, Admiral, United States Navy DODIG-2019-117

Publicly released: August 28, 2019 We initiated an investigation that assessed Navy Admiral William F. Moran’s use of his personal e-mail account for official DoD communications in violation of DoD policies, and his continued relationship with a former Navy commander who had been removed from the Chief of Naval Operations’ (CNO) staff for inappropriate behavior towards female employees.

July 22, 2019

Whistleblower Reprisal Investigation: Willowheart, Limited Liability Company Fort Bragg, North Carolina DODIG-2019-104

Publicly released: July 25, 2019 The DoD Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG) conducted this investigation in response to an allegation that on December 22, 2017, Willowheart Limited Liability Company (Willowheart) placed [REDACTED] (the Complainant), Contract Security Guard (CSG), Willowheart, on a temporary administrative leave of absence without pay, in reprisal for reporting violations of North Carolina state law, and for reporting abuse of authority to Inspectors General (IGs) and a contracting officer representative (COR).