Allison M. Whaley, Ombuds


The DoD OIG Ombuds is an independent, impartial resource that provides DoD OIG employees with a safe harbor for informal and confidential dispute resolution.


  • Provide for informal, early conflict resolution
  • Provide an alternative to formal avenues of redress
  • Handle comprehensive range of workplace related concerns and inquiries
  • Address individual, group, component and agency-wide concerns
  • Foster values of fairness, equity, justice, and respect
  • Identify trends, systemic issues, and conflict prevention strategies
  • Strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of DoD OIG work products, processes, and operations.


Ombuds' Role


  • Receive concerns about alleged improprieties and systemic problems
  • Exercise discretion to accept or decline to act
  • Address issues at the most appropriate level
  • Help analyze complex and difficult problems
  • Explore non-adversarial approaches for resolving concerns
  • Serve as a feedback mechanism for organizational climate issues
  • Assist DoD OIG personnel obtain explanation on policies and procedures
  • Identify complaint patterns and trends
  • Issue periodic reports
  • Advocate for positive change within the DOD OIG


Ombuds does not do the following:


  • Advocate for any individual within the agency
  • Conduct formal investigations
  • Serve as a witness or testify in formal proceedings
  • Accept or provide official notice of an alleged violation
  • Serve as part of any formal grievance or complaint process
  • Issue investigative reports of any kind
  • Make or change policy or administrative decisions
  • Make binding decisions
  • Compel anyone to act