DoD Joint IG Courses


The DoD OIG Joint IG Activities Division (JIGAD) has developed Residence, Virtual, and Mobile Joint Inspector General Courses to train and certify Joint/Defense IGs.  The primarily focus of the course content is on the authorities, responsibilities, and functions of Joint/Defense IGs.  Participants of the course will be engaged in discussions and practical applications of IG standards, methodology, and processes associated with the four Joint/Defense IG functions.
  • Residence JIGCs (R-JIGC) are three week courses, held in-person at the Mark Center in Alexandria, VA.
  • Virtual JIGCs (V-JIGC) are two week courses, presented using the WebEx Training platform, and are held three to four times per year, as practical.
  • Mobile JIGCs (M-JIGC) are one week courses conducted upon request and based on availability of the JIGAD Staff. Mobile courses have mandatory prerequisites for participants to attend.


DoD Directive 5106.04 (Defense IGs) requires all Joint/Defense IGs to successfully complete the course for Defense IGs and Joint IGs administered by DoD OIG within 120 days of appointment in order to perform the duties, responsibilities, and functions of a Joint/Defense IG.  The Joint IG Program represents a common, joint approach to IG work in joint commands and defense agencies.  This program provides all Joint/Defense IGs with an established, well-defined system with clear policy guidelines and doctrinal procedures to facilitate the execution of the Joint IG functions of Inspections, Assistance, Investigations, and Teaching and Training.


Inspectors General from Combatant Commands, Joint Commands, Defense Agencies, and DoD OIG have priority on available seats for the DoD Joint IG Courses.  IGs assigned to Military Service Components and Federal Agencies may attend on a space available basis.  Each Military Service Component OIG will be responsible for determining the priority of space-available seats allotted for applicants assigned within their component.  JIGAD Staff will work with DoD OIG, CCMD IGs, Defense Agency IGs, and other stakeholders to find the most optimum balance.


Type Course      Class #                 Date
Virtual                V-24-01                 Oct 23 - Nov 3, 2023
Virtual                V-24-02                 Jan 29 - Feb 9, 2024
Residence         R-24-01                 Mar 11 - Mar 29, 2024 Cancelled
Virtual                V-24-03                 Apr 22 - May 3, 2024
Virtual                V-24-04                 Jun 03 - Jun 14, 2024
Residence         R-24-02                 Jul 29 - Aug 16, 2024
Virtual                V-24-05                 Sep 9 - Sep 20, 2024



To apply for a DoD Joint IG Course, applicants will need to complete the appropriate Joint IG Course registration form and email the completed form to the Joint IG Registrar (  All registration requests must be received at least 28 days before the start date of the requested course.  For Virtual Joint IG Courses, the JIGAD Staff will send registered applicants a pre-enrollment checklist.  Applicants must verify and return the pre-enrollment checklist prior to enrollment in the virtual course.

Requirements associated with attending Virtual-JIGCs:

  • WebEx is used as the platform for the V-JIGC.  Course participants must be able to access and participate in the course, via WebEx on their computers.  Government-issued, or personal computers, may be used. Personnel using government-issued computers will need to coordinate with their respective IT departments to determine compatibility of government-issued computer with WebEx.
  • Prior to the course, all participants must attend a WebEx Connectivity Test/Training Session, with the computer to be used during the course.
  • All Course Participants should prepare to be virtually TDY for the duration of the course.  The training hours will be 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).  All participants must dedicate the required time to complete the course.
  • All participants must be present in the virtual classroom during the times directed in the course schedule.  The V-JIGC course schedule will include facilitator-led synchronous training, small-group synchronous training, and asynchronous training.

Requirements associated Mobile-JIGCs:

  • The host/requesting organization must provide the travel funds for the JIGAD Training Team.
  • Course Participants are required to meet the following prerequisites:
    1. graduated from a service IG school, and
    2. at least six months experience as an IG.
  •  The class size range from a minimum of 12 to maximum of 45 personnel, who meet the prerequisites noted above.
  • JIGAD Staff will provide classroom and equipment requirements, when coordinating the event.
  • Contact Chief JIGAD directly to discuss scheduling of Mobile Joint IG Courses.