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DoD OIG FY 2017 Highlights

This two page document highlights the work conducted by the DoD OIG in FY 2017.  Our workforce of 1500 personnel includes auditors (37.5% of the workforce), investigators (32.7%), evaluators (17.2%) and nearly 200 people (12.6%) who hold other occupations at the DoD OIG.  In FY 2017, the DoD OIG issued 89 audits with 400 recommendations; issued 30 evaluations with 230 recommendations; received 14,136 Hotline contacts, opened 7,474 cases and closed 7,670 cases.  Our criminal investigations led to 193 suspensions, 210 arrests, 279 debarments, 280 convictions and 351 criminal charges.  Learn more about FY 2017 actions and read about the FY 2018 Management Challenges the DoD OIG has identified that face the DoD now and in the future.