Report | March 18, 2019

Project Announcement: Termination of the Audit of Defense Logistics Agency-Energy Reimbursement Process for Refueling Missions within the U.S Central Command and U.S. Africa Command Areas of Responsibility (Project No. D2019-D000RJ-0103.000)

We announced the subject audit on January 28, 2019, (attached). The objective was to determine whether the Defense Logistics Agency-Energy and supporting commands are billing and obtaining full reimbursement from partner nations for refueling missions within the U.S. Central Command and U.S. Africa Command areas of responsibility. We are terminating this audit because performing the project would represent inefficient use of resources and minimal return on investment. Specifically, the resources are needed to complete a higher priority project. We appreciate the courtesies extended to the staff during the planning phase of the audit.