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Top DoD Management Challenges – Fiscal Year 2020



The Top DoD Management Challenges document summarizes what the DoD OIG annually identifies as the most significant management challenges facing the DoD for FY 2020 and beyond.  Each Inspector General is required by law to prepare this annual statement summarizing what the IG considers the “most serious management and performance challenges facing the agency.”  The Top DoD Management Challenges document must also be included in the DoD’s annual financial report.  Many of the challenges are persistent, long-standing challenges facing the DoD.  However, this year the DoD OIG added two new management challenges.  One focuses on the welfare and well-being of service members and their families. The second new challenge focuses on the security supply chain management.  Both of these new challenges are critical issues that contribute to the readiness of DoD to performs its important mission.

Click here to watch the Management Challenges video.