Report | March 25, 2020

Evaluation of the United States Air Force Enterprise Ground Services (DODIG-2020-074)


Publicly Released: March 27, 2020



The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy requested that the DoD OIG evaluate the status of Air Force efforts to develop the Enterprise Ground Services (EGS). The objective of the evaluation was to determine whether the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) developed a plan to implement EGS. We also reviewed the status of the AFSPC’s effort to implement the mandatory use of EGS by December 2028.



The EGS concept is part of the Air Force Satellite Control Network and consists of hardware, an operational system, and software applications. The software applications are considered the common ground services that EGS intends to provide to Air Force satellite missions. A common ground service is a service that provides similar command and control functions among multiple satellite constellations.

The AFSPC is developing EGS to execute satellite operations for tactical command and control. The AFSPC, in concert with the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), a subordinate unit of the AFSPC, will manage EGS enterprise requirements, strategy, architecture products, standards and interfaces, new system hosting, legacy systems transition, application development, and rapid development operations. On August 3, 2018, the AFSPC Commander required that all Air Force satellite programs transition to EGS by December 31, 2028.



The AFSPC is in the process of developing an overall implementation plan for the EGS. To assist in developing the plan, the AFSPC sought input from all 15 system program offices (SPO) that AFSPC determined would use EGS. To focus its efforts, the AFSPC also identified a satellite system using the Scaled Agile Framework concept, which should assist AFSPC in identifying and addressing issues early in the development process. According to the SMC Chief of EGS, the AFSPC is currently on track to meet the mandatory use of EGS by December 2028.


Management Comments and Our Response

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