Report | April 26, 2022

Termination of the Audit of Pre-Deployment Training on Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (Project No. D2019-D000RM-0206.000)


We announced the subject audit on September 16, 2019, (attached). The objective was to determine whether the Military Services conducted pre-deployment training on countering an adversary’s use of unmanned aerial systems, in accordance with the operational requirements of the geographic combatant commanders. We are terminating this audit because the coronavirus disease—2019 pandemic caused the team to suspend the audit, and while suspended the audit’s objective was overcome by events. Specifically, the DoD:

  • designated the Secretary of the Army as the DoD Executive Agent for Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems to lead and direct efforts to develop integrated plans, technologies, and doctrine;
  • reduced the number and type of fielded Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems; and
  • issued the DoD Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Strategy.

We will consider a future audit of pre-deployment training on DoD countering unmanned aerial systems.