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Report | June 8, 2023

Evaluation of Accountability Controls for Defense Items Transferred Via Air to Ukraine within the U.S. European Command Area of Responsibility (DODIG-2023-084)


Publicly Released: June 12, 2023



The objective of this evaluation was to determine the extent to which the DoD implemented accountability controls for defense items transferred via air to the Government of Ukraine (GoU) within the U.S. European Command area of responsibility, in accordance with the Defense Transportation Regulations (DTR) and DoD instructions.



As of February 2023, the United States has provided approximately $31.7 billion worth of defense items to the GoU.  The DoD rapidly supplied those items via an aerial port in Jasionka, Poland (Jasionka). The DTR prescribes documents, methods, and procedures for DoD Components to transport and move defense items, including items such as those transferred to the GoU at Jasionka.



DoD personnel effectively and swiftly received, inspected, staged, and transferred defense items to GoU representatives in Jasionka. However, DoD personnel did not have the required accountability of the thousands of defense items that they received and transferred at Jasionka. Specifically, we observed that DoD personnel did not fully implement their standard operating procedures to account for defense items and could not confirm the quantities of defense items received against the quantity of items shipped for three of five shipments we observed, as the DTR requires.

These conditions occurred because:

  • the Military Services and Defense agencies did not provide required information on shipping manifests or coordinate shipments with the U.S. Transportation Command; and
  • standard operating procedures in Jasionka did not specify DTR-required accountability procedures and DoD personnel did not receive training or guidance on DoD policy requirements.

As a result, the DoD did not have accountability controls sufficient enough to provide reasonable assurance that its inventory of defense items transferred to the GoU via the air hub in Jasionka was accurate or complete.


Recommendations, Management Comments and Our Response

We recommend that DoD officials:

  • Instruct the Military Services and the Defense agencies to comply with existing directives to verify and manifest defense items being transferred in accordance with the DTR and execute orders.
  • Develop and issue procedures consistent with DTR requirements to increase accountability for defense items being transferred to the GoU.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Materiel Readiness, responding for the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, agreed with the four recommendations directed to the Under Secretary; therefore, these recommendations are resolved, but open.

The Deputy Chief of Staff for the Security Assistance Group - Ukraine, responding on behalf of the Commander of the Security Assistance Group - Ukraine, disagreed with the two recommendations directed to the Commander. These recommendations remain unresolved.

We request additional comments from stakeholders within 30 days on the final report to address the two remaining unresolved recommendations.


This report is the result of Project No. D2023-DEV0PC-0004.000.