Informal Complaint Process (Precomplaint)

up to 45 calendar days To file your informal complaint with the DoD OIG EEO Office
up to 30 calendar days EEO Counseling, fact-finding and management opportunity to resolve your informal complaint
up to 60 calendar days Extended counseling (at the discretion of EEO Director)
up to 90 calendar days If you choose the Alternative Dispute Resolution, the period to resolve the informal complaint can be extended to 90 days
up to 15 calendar days Within 15 days of receiving the counselor's Notice of Final Interview, you may opt to file a formal complaint

Formal Complaint Process

up to 180 calendar days From the filing date to the issuance of the ROI, issues are identified for processing and investigating
up to 30 calendar days To request EEOC hearing or Final Agency Action

For additional information on the DoD OIG EEO Complaint Process, please contact:

DoD OIG Equal Employment Opportunity
4800 Mark Center Drive, Suite 12E24
Alexandria, VA 22350-1500