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Nov. 4, 2014

Task Force to Improve Timeliness of Senior Official Administrative Investigations (Redacted)

At the request of the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the DoD IG led a task force to review and improve the timeliness of senior official administrative investigations. The task force reviewed data, processes, policies, and resources, and examined proposed changes to conduct more efficient and timely investigations. The task force prepared a plan of action consisting of short-, medium-, and long-range goals to implement the task force recommendations.

July 2, 2014

Project Announcement: Assessment of the Sufficiency of the Afghan National Security Force's Policies, Processes, and Procedures for the Management and Accountability of Ammunition, Explosives, and Fuel (Project No. D2014-D00SP0-0129.001)

The objective of this assessment is to examine the sufficiency of Afghan National Security Forces policies and procedures for the management and accountability of fuel (Class III Bulk) and conventional military ammunition and explosives (Class V).