The official website for the DoD Hotline - a confidential means to report fraud, waste, abuse and other violations of law.

​Please use the online complaint form, or fax for the most expedient complaint processing.


DoD Hotline

FRAUD ALERT: Hotline telephone numbers at other Federal IG offices are being spoofed as a scam. Our phone number/organization does not appear on caller ID systems. To verify authenticity of the DoD Hotline staff, you may call the DoD Hotline at 800-424-9098 to verify the call was official.

Anyone may file a complaint with the DoD Hotline. Our online complaint forms (below) are the most efficient means to file a complaint.



The mission of the DoD Hotline is to provide a confidential, reliable means to report violations of law, rule, or regulation; fraud, waste, and abuse; mismanagement; trafficking in persons; serious security incidents; or other criminal or administrative misconduct that involve DoD personnel and operations, without fear of reprisal.

Although you may contact the DoD Hotline at any time, a quicker way to resolve your complaint, is usually to first contact your local or command-level Inspector General's Office.

Matters appropriate for the DoD Hotline


To prevent duplicative work, the DoD Hotline does not accept complaints for matters where regulations prescribe a different avenue for redress. A list of those matters and appropriate venue is here.


Read Before Filing

Select the Type of Complaint to Report


Hotline Complaint

Report matters outlined in the Hotline Mission Statement.

Whistleblower Reprisal


Report retaliation against an individual thought to have filed a complaint of wrongdoing.

Classified Information
Report violations of wrongdoing involving classified information.

Hotline Resources

Hotline Phone Number:
800-424-9098 (Toll-Free)
703-604-8799 (Commercial)
664-8799 (DSN)

Hotline Fax: 

Southwest Asia Hotline Phone Number: 
877-363-3348 (Toll-Free)
664-1151 (DSN)