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Feb. 1, 2017

Project Announcement: Audit of Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan Oversight and Management of Ammunition Supporting Operation Freedom's Sentinel (Project No. D2017-D000JB-0063. 000)

We plan to begin the subject audit in January 2017. Our objective is to determine whether the Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan provided effective oversight of ammunition for the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces. This is report CSTC-A Oversight of Ammunition Provided to Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces DODIG-2017-122.

Jan. 11, 2017

Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan Improved Controls Over U.S.-Funded Ministry of Defense Fuel Contracts, but Further Improvements are Needed (Redacted) DODIG-2017-041

We determined whether the Combined Security Transition Command–Afghanistan (CSTC-A) and the Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (MoD) established effective controls for the oversight of MoD fuel contracts.

In 2011, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)/Chief Financial Officer authorized CSTC-A to provide Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF) resources directly to the Afghanistan MoD to sustain the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces.

CSTC-A is the DoD command that provides oversight and ensures adequate fiscal controls are in place to safeguard ASFF direct contributions provided to the Afghanistan ministries.

CSTC-A and MoD sign annual Bilateral Financial Commitment Letters (commitment letters) that commit CSTC-A to fund specified portions of the MoD budget.  The commitment letters serve as bilateral agreements between CSTC-A and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) and are intended to assist the GIRoA in implementing the necessary oversight and controls to satisfy auditors and the international community.

We audited CSTC-A controls of two MoD-awarded, ASFF-funded contracts that provide vehicle and generator fuel to the Afghanistan National Army (ANA).  The contracts, awarded in January 2016, have an aggregate ceiling value of $174.7 million.  

Dec. 16, 2016

Fiscal Year 2017 Oversight Plan

Many of our proposed oversight projects align with one or more of the top management and performance challenges facing the Department of Defense. The DoD OIG identified these challenges based on our oversight work, research, and judgment; oversight work done by other components within the DoD; input from DoD leaders; and oversight projects by the Government Accountability Office. While we solicited input from the DoD, we identified these challenges independently.

Dec. 1, 2016

The Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan Needs to Strengthen the Controls Over U.S. Direct Assistance Funding DODIG-2017-027

We determined whether the Combined Security Transition Command–Afghanistan (CSTC-A) and the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s (GIRoA’s) Ministries of Defense and Interior (MoD and MoI) have established and implemented effective controls over the contract management process.

This is one in a series of DoD Office of Inspector General audits and evaluations of controls over U.S. direct assistance provided to GIRoA in support of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.  We initiated the series of audits in response to the FY 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, which required that the DoD Office of the Inspector General conduct a comprehensive assessment of the financial management capacity and risks within the Afghanistan MoD and MoI.  Previous audits focused on CSTC-A and GIRoA controls over the contract management process and GIRoA’s controls to effectively manage asset accountability for vehicles; while an ongoing audit is currently focused on CSTC-A and GIRoA’s oversight of large fuel contracts.

Nov. 21, 2016

Evaluation of U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Intelligence Training for Afghan Ministry of Defense (Classified) DODIG-2017-025

The report is Classified. To file a Freedom of Information Act request, please submit a request to FOIA Online.

Aug. 30, 2016

Designation of Contracting Officer's Representatives and Oversight Framework Could Be Improved for Contracts in Afghanistan DODIG-2016-131

We determined whether contracting officer’s representatives (CORs) were properly appointed and trained, and were able to effectively perform their oversight responsibilities for contracts performed in Afghanistan.